Cupping for Face

Cupping for Face

Refresh Day Spa @ Plaza Singapura

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Face Cupping Therapy is designed to improve the appearance of facial skin and reduce signs of aging such as wrinkles, laugh lines, eyes puffiness, acne scarring, sagging skin and double chins. We use special cups designed for use on the face. The skin is first prepared with the application of water dispersible oil and then the cup is placed on your face and a gentle suction is then applied on the cup.

According to the conditions of your face the therapist use a combination of 走罐 ie moving the cup on your face or putting the cup on and 闪罐 pulling it off in quick succession. These movements stimulate the flow of blood to the skin and fill the skin with oxygen and essential nutrients. The therapy ends with a facial massage that drains impurities or toxin through the body’s natural lymphatic system. The skin immediately look more supple and youthful.


Cupping for face is available at Plaza Singapura T: 6733 6344 and Whitesands T: 6582 0455 .