Facefit 30min

Facefit 30min

Refresh Day Spa @ Plaza Singapura

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ALL natural, non-surgical, Non-invasive Facial

Step 1: Cardio Prep

High-speed hand whipping, flicking and pinching over the entire face to 'unstick’ muscles and bring blood circulation to entire face.

Burning/flushing sensation is expected.

Step 2: HIIT Strengthening

(High-Intensity Interval Training)

Deep slow kneading mix with high speed high energy whipping to strengthen problematic area muscles that hold up our daily stresses around the jaw, eyes and forehead all year round.

Experience pleasure-pain on the areas that you need the workout most.

Recommended Treatment Frequency: Once every week.

Recommended Add-on - Faceclean

More information at www.facefit.com.sg